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The OCA Journey Continues

The title was (mostly) provided by WordPress, but it fits the bill all the same. I started my OCA Journey with Foundation Drawing and then Drawing 1 (See and am now continuing with Sculpture 1. That, however, isn’t really the start of my Sculpture journey. For that we need to go back to about 2005, when my wife gave me a set of wood carving tools for my birthday.

The rose shown as the featured image was the first step in that journey, and was followed by a lot of carving related learning. The number of skills needed to create a strong wood carving is significant. Wood grain, sharpening tools and translating a maquette to a physical form is a highly summarised list. For amusement, this video will give some idea:

Along the way I realised that, at least to a degree, my lack of drawing skills were limiting my progress. This lead me to “Drawing on the right side of the brain“, and hence onto to the OCA. I am hoping that this course will start to pull back together what has become separate paths in making progress.