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Brancusi, Endless Column

Fig. 1 Endless Column

I have previously looked at Brancusi in general, and his “Endless Column” in particular. My consideration of his work, however, was brief and left me with little appreciation of the work. It was reading Anthony Gormley’s words on the work (Gormley, 2015:94) which made me think that this was worth focusing on in more depth.

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Contemporary figurative ceramics comparison

One of the challenges I was set by my tutor (Thompson, 2019) was to complete a comparative analysis of two pieces of sculpture. Having previous seen Annie Peaker work, and going to a making demonstration by Brendan Hesmondhalgh I decided that this was a strong starting juncture.

Annie Peaker

Fig 1. Annie Peaker Polar Bears
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British Museum Trip

We were in London recently and decided to add a visit to the British Museum to the trip. Whilst there we visited two exhibitions: “Troy myth and reality” (British Museum, 2020) and the Prints and Drawings Gallery.

Note: This was written up considerably after the visit, due to time limitations. I have published it, however, at the time of the visit based on my thoughts at the time.

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Assignment 1: Reflection

I received my feedback from Drawing 1 Assessment (OCA Assessment Team, 2019) and Sculpture 1 Assignment 1 (Thompson, 2019) at about the same time. The combined effect left me with some thinking to do about my approach and the outcome of the course. To support consideration of the feedback I’ve pulled out key points for consideration, and put them into appropriate groupings.

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