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Project 5 Clay modelling

Getting the clay together

When I started considering Project 5 I quickly realised the the amount of clay being talked about was significant. A cube of 35cm on each side isn’t small, and clay is dense stuff. I looked at two different ways of calculating the amount of clay needed. The first approach was to measure a 12.5kg bag of clay – 45cm x 18cm x 6cm which is just under 0.005 cubic metres. A 35cm side cube is about 0.0.43 cubic metres – so just under 9 bags, or 112.5 kg.

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Planned vs Emergent Art

I have been reflecting further on my tutor feedback (Howard, 2020) and how I apply myself to my work. I am starting to think that there is a concept in art that is similar to Planned verses Emergent strategy in business. (Riley, 2020) At one extreme art works can be meticulously planned and executed, including reams of preparatory drawings and other work. At the other extreme one might only take an initiating action and the outcome is essentially emergent based on relatively uncontrolled factors. There is clearly a host of possibilities in between.

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