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Assignment 3 Submission

Modelling in Clay

The clay modelling project was both interesting and enjoyable. I experimented with a fairly wide range of forms and approaches, and produced a number of works in different forms. I also experimented with a range of different finishes. The main five works are shown below, and detailed in the post for the project. (Howard, 2020)

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Part 3: Sketchbook

After my Part 2 feedback (Thompson, 2020) I am expanding the scope of this to reflect my sketchbook in a larger sense than just those sketches that feed into the sculptural work for the projects.

Initial Ideas

As with the previous part my first step on the main body of the project was to start with a series of initial sketches and thoughts for ideas. The early ideas and ideas that weren’t progressed from the previous project, as well as previous sketchbook ideas, are also implicitly included in the scope of what I might consider completing in addition to these.

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