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Part 3: Reflection on Feedback

This is a direct reflection on the comments in the feedback I received from my Part 3 work. (Thompson, 2020)

Presentation of Work

… Perhaps you could experiment with colour here? Also documenting the work in more varied locations?

from Feedback on assignment

You have made good use of your garden and the space you have available. I encourage you to reflect on your potential audience, thinking about how you display work impacts the significance and meaning you’d like to convey. Explore how and where you display a work and how this can change its reading and intention. Is it possible to take your work to a particular location? Alternatively, create a gallery type setting, to document your work in a neutral space?

from Pointers for the next assignment

During this part I’ve actively used colour more in the different works, and have imaged some of the works in different spaces. These have included the walls of my home, and the use of a graduated photography backdrop for some of the works.

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Project 8 Casting, internal space/ external form

Making the components

As the instructions suggested, I started by making a set of initial components. Some of these were quite smooth, others heavily textured. Injecting plaster into a balloon was interesting, and made some good bulbous pieces – almost like fruit. These can be shaped somewhat as they start to harden.

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