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Assignment four

Project 7: Relief Sculptures

Write up: Project 7 Bas-relief

Project 8: Casting

Write up: Project 8 Casting, internal space/ external form



This has been a fairly challenging assignment in many ways – less due to the course and more due to the upheaval caused by Covid-19. I have definitely found it more difficult to concentrate on the art work of the course, despite the fact that in the great scheme of things I have come out of it all relatively well. Strangely, the biggest impact on the course is probably the most positive thing from it all – I have now been working at home for a number of months rather than commuting to London. I have been spending a lot of this time work on my research, sketching and writing up the work. The lack of this time has meant that some of this hasn’t been completed to the same standard as other parts.

Of the two projects, I found Project 7 Bas-relief easier to engage with, as I was creating the pieces start to finish. I find the use of “found materials” to create works more challenging – though I guess this is part of the point of the exercise. I found this challenging in Project 3: Stacked Sculpture as well, where I was using found parts from to create the works. In the end I managed to find a set of works I could engage well with, though the degree to which I like the end results vary.

Going into part 5 I think I will need to focus on:

  • Research and Context, especially with respect to the influences on my work during the part;
  • Improvement in use of drawing, especially in larger formats and for experimentation; and
  • Working on an investigation and theme, as this is likely to result in better progression.

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