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Part 4 Reflection on Feedback

I have spent a significant amount of time reflecting on the feedback I received from my Tutor on Part 4 (Thompson, 2021). Overall I would say that the feedback was positive and encouraging. The general course of the work that I am doing seems to be productive, but with plenty of food for thought as scope for improvement.

I’ve decided to respond specifically to some of the comments from the feedback in the following sections.

Developing my practice

I’m pleased to see you have begun to develop ideas and highlighting specific areas of your practice to focus on. Subject matter and context will be key in underlining your practice, so pay particular attention to what materials you use in order to investigate your thematic ideas. (Thompson, 2021:5)

Try to maintain room for the unexpected and keep fluidity within your process to allow things to appear and change. Experimenting with processes will be important, allowing you to relinquish control of your materials and discover happy accidents, which can imbue work with unknown qualities. (Thompson, 2021:5)

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Into each life

I have been somewhat down recently, as I suspect has much of the country in lockdown. There is nothing really wrong, as I am healthy and have stayed employed throughout the Pandemic. There is still a feeling of loss and stasis, however, and in many ways it has inhibited my creativity. This work, however, flows directly from that feeling and is an attempt to capture it in a work. As part of considering the work I looked into sculpture that captured sadness and found some work that captures the concept almost too strongly. The work in Fig. 1. for example embodies the emptiness of grief, but is far too strong to represent this feeling. The work in Fig. 2, with its negative space tear, is more the level that I was looking for. I did spend some time looking for references on sadness or depression as a thematic idea but was more successful at finding literary references, such as Shumeiko (2018).

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