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Assignment 1: Reflection

I received my feedback from Drawing 1 Assessment (OCA Assessment Team, 2019) and Sculpture 1 Assignment 1 (Thompson, 2019) at about the same time. The combined effect left me with some thinking to do about my approach and the outcome of the course. To support consideration of the feedback I’ve pulled out key points for consideration, and put them into appropriate groupings.

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Assignment 1


Project 1: Relief

At the time of writing Project 1 isn’t fully complete, but I’m reaching my deadline and so am completing the writing up anyway. I still have to complete the final drawings of the finished work.

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Project 1: Shallow Relief


I’ve made a number of relief sculptures over time, but I didn’t feel that they would follow the spirit of the course notes and artists that we’ve been directed to as part of the course. The instructions lead me, on first consideration, to the low relief work of Ben Nicholson – but this is somehow uninspiring to me. As such, I decided to work on something more inspired by the Constructivist sculpture approach.

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Research point: Sculptors

Before you embark on the first project, do some research into the constructed sculpture work of some of the following influential sculptors (These artists should be researched for assignment two also):
– …


I started this research point by simply digging in and trying to find information and example sculpture about each artist, one at a time down the list. In some ways this worked as an approach, in others it became a little too much of a marathon of research and not doing. Almost universally there were some sculptures for each artist that caught my interest for one reason or another. I also started to observe commonalities and differences in the works which started to be interesting in and of itself. The different artists, and my consideration of them, is documented on the Art and Artists page and its sub-pages.

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