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Into each life

I have been somewhat down recently, as I suspect has much of the country in lockdown. There is nothing really wrong, as I am healthy and have stayed employed throughout the Pandemic. There is still a feeling of loss and stasis, however, and in many ways it has inhibited my creativity. This work, however, flows directly from that feeling and is an attempt to capture it in a work. As part of considering the work I looked into sculpture that captured sadness and found some work that captures the concept almost too strongly. The work in Fig. 1. for example embodies the emptiness of grief, but is far too strong to represent this feeling. The work in Fig. 2, with its negative space tear, is more the level that I was looking for. I did spend some time looking for references on sadness or depression as a thematic idea but was more successful at finding literary references, such as Shumeiko (2018).

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Organic form

The sculptural possibilities of organic forms fascinate me, as discussed previously. (Howard, 2020) I considered the works of Henry Moore (Howard, 2019a) and Barbra Hepworth (Howard, 2019b) in relation to these forms previously, but there are many artists working in this area.

Drawings and Maquettes

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Trip to York Art Gallery

We visited York Art Gallery whilst we were up there on a weekend trip. There were two main areas that we looked at: Paintings and Ceramics. Of the Ceramics, a significant proportion were sculptural in nature, and I have focused on those in this consideration of the trip.

Note: Although I wrote this up considerably later I have dated the post at the time of the visit to better fit it into the context of the course. This introduces a slight discrepancy, as the write up is from just after the submission of Assignment 2 based on my thoughts at the time.

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