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Artists and Cultural Context

Fig. 1 The Raven and the First Men

An aspect of making art related to ravens is their deep cultural significance. There is raven mythology across a number of cultures – from Viking to native American. (Wikipedia, 2021) Fig. 1 shows an excellent work which is both contemporary and culturally embedded. The design and contraction of the work is described by Cross (1990). I find much to be inspired by with this work, from the mythological connection to the look and style of the finished piece. The work is visually engaging and has a deep embedded significance.

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Life Drawing session

My first Life Drawing session in a while:

The usual idea: a series of 1 minute drawings, then a 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minutes and lastly a 35 minute one. I very much enjoyed getting back to Life Drawing, and hope to do more again in the future.

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Leonardo Da Vinci at Buckingham Palace

I first heard that this exhibition was going to be on when parts of it were travelling around the country. The story goes that Leonardo left his collection of drawings, effectively hi sketchbook, to his apprentice. These were broken up over time, and a bound volume of a fragment of the collection made their way to the Royal Collection. The majority of this work wasn’t published until 1900 or so, meaning that much of his work was effectively hidden until then.

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