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Reykjavik Sculpture

We’ve visited Iceland a few times, most recently just before the current virus self-isolation started. There is a lot of very interesting sculpture in and around Reykjavik. I’ve decided to simply present some of my best images of it here for the moment:

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Brancusi, Endless Column

Fig. 1 Endless Column

I have previously looked at Brancusi in general, and his “Endless Column” in particular. My consideration of his work, however, was brief and left me with little appreciation of the work. It was reading Anthony Gormley’s words on the work (Gormley, 2015:94) which made me think that this was worth focusing on in more depth.

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Contemporary figurative ceramics comparison

One of the challenges I was set by my tutor (Thompson, 2019) was to complete a comparative analysis of two pieces of sculpture. Having previous seen Annie Peaker work, and going to a making demonstration by Brendan Hesmondhalgh I decided that this was a strong starting juncture.

Annie Peaker

Fig 1. Annie Peaker Polar Bears
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Trip to York Art Gallery

We visited York Art Gallery whilst we were up there on a weekend trip. There were two main areas that we looked at: Paintings and Ceramics. Of the Ceramics, a significant proportion were sculptural in nature, and I have focused on those in this consideration of the trip.

Note: Although I wrote this up considerably later I have dated the post at the time of the visit to better fit it into the context of the course. This introduces a slight discrepancy, as the write up is from just after the submission of Assignment 2 based on my thoughts at the time.

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Sculpture out and about

I wondered about starting this during Part 1 but didn’t get around to it. I’m going to document some of the work that I run into as I’m out and about. The idea is purely to document pieces that catch my interest, rather than everything.

City Wing

This is first up because it is very close to where I am currently working:

City Wing, Old Broad Street
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