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Artists and Cultural Context

Fig. 1 The Raven and the First Men

An aspect of making art related to ravens is their deep cultural significance. There is raven mythology across a number of cultures – from Viking to native American. (Wikipedia, 2021) Fig. 1 shows an excellent work which is both contemporary and culturally embedded. The design and contraction of the work is described by Cross (1990). I find much to be inspired by with this work, from the mythological connection to the look and style of the finished piece. The work is visually engaging and has a deep embedded significance.

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Project 1: Shallow Relief


I’ve made a number of relief sculptures over time, but I didn’t feel that they would follow the spirit of the course notes and artists that we’ve been directed to as part of the course. The instructions lead me, on first consideration, to the low relief work of Ben Nicholson – but this is somehow uninspiring to me. As such, I decided to work on something more inspired by the Constructivist sculpture approach.

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